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Consensus Commentary

Jul 27, 2004

Rejecting WellPoint deal
The Los Angeles Daily News

by Lloyd Dent & Eden Rosen

Rejecting WellPoint deal
Re "WellPoint deal rejected" (Business, July 24):

I am grateful for Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi's rejection of the acquisition of WellPoint by Anthem Inc. Where is the governor with his promise to cut the cost of doing business? Every taxpayer, and every employer and governmental unit should be rallying against this money grab.

The billions of dollars to be incurred in acquisition costs and compensation to executives who promote this boondoggle will be borne by policyholders, who are not just family units, but also private and governmental employers, e.g., Los Angeles Unified School District. When these costs are passed on, governmental services are cut or taxes go up, the cost of doing business in California goes up, or current and retired employees lose coverage.

Lloyd Dent
Studio City

We need the help
Re "WellPoint deal rejected" (Business, July 24):

I applaud Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi for having the courage to reject the merger between WellPoint and Anthem. I feel the same way and have since I first heard about this merger. WellPoint's service is inconsistent at best.

Aside from that, I don't trust the Department of Managed Health Care. This is the other reason that I'm against the merger. The DMHC dropped the ball too many times. Great job, commissioner. I agree with your decision 100 percent. Keep looking out for us consumers. We need all the help we can get.

Eden Rosen