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Feb 02, 2005

State of The Union: Strong Profits for Drug Companies

Feb 02, 2005

What's Missing from State of the Union: Medicare Fix

Jan 06, 2005

Schwarzenegger Drug Plan Bought and Paid For By Drug Companies, Leaves Most Californians Without Protection

Jan 05, 2005

Schwarzenegger Prescription Drug Proposal Puts Drug Firms in Control, Leaves Most Seniors Without Protection

Dec 17, 2004

Prop 71's Stem Cell Oversight Committee Rife With Conflicts of Interest

Dec 16, 2004

Tauzin Should Be Banned From Lobbying Congress, the President, Says Consumer Group

Dec 15, 2004

Bush's Health Care Economic Summit In Sync With Donors, Out of Sync with Reality

Nov 30, 2004

WellPoint/Anthem Merger is a 9-figure Xmas Gift to Executives, Lump of Coal for Patients

Nov 30, 2004

Consumer Group Demands Merck Disclose Amount of Executive Payouts;

Nov 09, 2004

9 out of 10 California Patients Will Pay Too Much In WellPoint/Anthem Merger

Oct 14, 2004

U.S. Seniors Aboard the Rx Express Save 60% on Prescriptions in Canada;

Oct 13, 2004

Seniors Board the Rx Express to Canada to Buy Cheaper Prescription Drugs

Sep 22, 2004

Bush and Kerry Invited to Join Seniors On Board the Rx Express to Buy Lower Cost Prescriptions in Canada

Sep 15, 2004

Schwarzenegger Should Heed National Survey � 1/3 of Americans Plan to Purchase Rx From Other Countries

Aug 26, 2004

U.S. Seniors Travel to Canada for Affordable Rx Drugs -- Rx Bulk Purchasing Urged

Aug 23, 2004

Rx Express to Take Seniors & Patients to Canada to Buy Lower Cost Prescription Drugs

Aug 18, 2004

California Rx Bulk Purchasing Bill Moves Closer to Governor's Desk; Rx Express Train Trip to Highlight Benefits of Bulk Buying

Aug 18, 2004

Pharmacists and Drug Company Front Group Opposes Rx Imports to Protect Their Profits

Aug 17, 2004

How Much Would You Save if the U.S. Bulk Purchased Rx?; Rx Express Partner Provides Drug Calculator on Website

Aug 11, 2004

Bush and Kerry Invited to Join Rx Express to Canada

Aug 04, 2004

Consumer Alert!: Drug Company Front Group -- "CURES" -- Opposes Drug Reimportation Legislation

Aug 03, 2004

Anthem Lawsuit Over Stalled Merger Fails to Account for Commissioner Garamendi's Broad Authority to Protect Policyholders

Jul 27, 2004

Anthem/WellPoint Plans to Sue Garamendi Over Blocked Merger Called "Desperate"

Jul 23, 2004

Schwarzenegger Folds to Special Interests, OKs WellPoint/Anthem Merger; Garamendi Says "No" on Patients' Behalf

Jul 14, 2004

Bush Administration Drug Benefit May Result in Loss of Employer Sponsored Coverage

Jul 14, 2004

Edwards vs. Bush Will Put Spotlight on Patients' Rights

Jul 08, 2004

Investigation of Blue Cross' Tax Status Called for By Consumer Group;

Jun 29, 2004

Consumer Alert: Beware of Medicare Rx Card Fraud

Jun 25, 2004

Patients Hold Pork Roast & Testify at Public Hearing Criticizing CEO Slated to Receive $235.2 Million in Anthem/WellPoint Merger

Jun 23, 2004

Schwarzenegger Administration Folds to Public Pressure, Schedules Hearing � Still Refuses to Release Details of Wellpoint/Anthem Merger

Jun 22, 2004

President Bush and Congress Should Give-Up HMO Rights Too Until National 'Patients' Bill of Rights' is Enacted

Jun 14, 2004

Schwarzenegger Administration Called on to Conduct Public Hearings on Wellpoint/Anthem Merger

Jun 14, 2004

CalPERS Opposes WellPoint/Anthem Merger; Schwarzenegger Should Too, says FTCR

Jun 01, 2004

Consumer Alert: Beware of Medicare Rx Card Fraud

May 26, 2004

Gov. Schwarzenegger Supporters Control Rx Group Fighting to Block Drug Reform;

May 26, 2004

California Leads the Nation in Rx Reform

May 25, 2004

Consumer Alert!: New Pharmaceutical Industry Front Group Formed to Oppose Prescription Drug Reform

May 24, 2004

Drug Companies Increase Lobbying by 25%, Contribute Heavily to Schwarzenegger as Legislature Debates Reform

May 20, 2004

U.S. Senate Committee Debates Drug Reimportation; California Proposals Provide Effective Alternative

May 20, 2004

Public Warning: "Covert Propaganda" From the Bush Administration Violates Federal Law; What Else They're Not Telling You About the New Medicare Rx Plan

May 18, 2004

The Chamber of Commerce Issues Misleading Press Release About Its Support of Health Care Cost Controls

May 12, 2004

Chamber of Commerce Attacks Law to Insure 1 Million Patients, Opposes Cost Controls While Cosponsoring "Cover the Uninsured Week"

May 06, 2004

'Strike 1' on Health Care Cost Controls, Consumer Group Says;

May 03, 2004

CA Health Insurers Spend $1 Million Lobbying in 90 Days � Key Vote This Week on "Prior Approval" of Premiums

Apr 27, 2004

Medco $29.3 Million Drug Switching Settlement Shows Need for Greater Transparency

Apr 23, 2004

Bush Administration Support of Bulk Rx Buying Should Clear the Way For Breakthrough California Law

Apr 12, 2004

"Collectinator" Called On to Release Records Of $1.34 Billion in Uncollected Drug Rebates

Apr 07, 2004

New Analysis of 46 States and D.C. Shows California Far Below Average in Collecting Drug Rebates

Mar 18, 2004

Blue Cross-Funded Foundation Finds Health Insurance Rate Regulation Lowers Premiums;

Mar 08, 2004

March 18 -- Attend the L.A. Health Care Town Hall!

Mar 04, 2004

New Report Finds Widespread Support For Health Care Cost Controls

Feb 17, 2004

Pharmacists & Bush Administration Use Scare Tactics to Deter Drugs from Canada

Jan 28, 2004

Consumer Group Calls for Independent Oversight in Response to Tenet Announcement of Hospital Sales

Jan 27, 2004

RX Bulk Purchasing and Re-importation are the Right Prescription for Controlling Costs

Jan 20, 2004

Bush's State of the Union Address to Highlight Health Care Industry Priorities, Not the Needs of Patients

Jan 07, 2004

Web Log to Chart Universal Health Care Debate -- Will Schwarzenegger and the Legislature Ever Get to Cost Controls?

Dec 12, 2003

Patients Pay for HMO Profits With Their Health; Blue Cross of CA Profit's Increased 38% in 2002

Nov 25, 2003

Corporateering of the Year Award Goes to Medicare Profiteering Protections

Nov 24, 2003

New Research Shows Six Largest HMOs Increase Profits by Diverting Money From Patient Care

Nov 06, 2003

Consumer Group Announces Contest for Health Care Cost-Savings Strategies

Nov 03, 2003

Consumer Group Says Bush Should Weigh In With Supreme Court On Fate Of State HMO Liability Laws

Oct 28, 2003

Consumer Group Will Fight $337 Million Merger Deal For Wellpoint CEO

Oct 22, 2003

Schwarzenegger Appoints HMO Lobbyist To Cabinet

Oct 14, 2003

Letter to Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger: Health care reform� special interest or public interest?

Oct 10, 2003

Opponents File Referendum to Overturn SB 2; Consumer Advocate Calls on Gov. Schwarzenegger to Support the Law and A Plan to Control Costs

Oct 06, 2003

Consumer Advocate Challenges Opponents to Support Health Care Mandate and A Plan to Control Costs

Oct 05, 2003

Gov. Davis Signs SB 2; CA Law Could Be National Health Care Model If Cost Controls Are Adopted

Oct 02, 2003

64% Employers Support Health Care Mandate, Survey Says

Sep 30, 2003

CA Law Could Be National Model to Address Uninsured Rates If Cost Controls Are Adopted

Sep 29, 2003

Governor Davis Urged to Sign Senate Bill 2 Before Recall Election

Sep 13, 2003

New CA Employer Mandate for Health Coverage by 2006 Means State Has Deadline to Mandate Affordability

Sep 09, 2003

New Report Shows Why Health Care Reform Legislation Must Include Cost Controls

Sep 04, 2003

Consumer Advocate Testifies That the Good, the Great, the Bad and the Ugly Must be Reconciled in Universal Health Care Effort

Sep 02, 2003

Consumer Group Warns "Affordability" Is MIA in Historic Committee on Health Care

Aug 26, 2003

As the Recall and Legislative Reforms Loom, Surgery Centers, Chiropractors & Insurers Give Davis $300 K

Aug 18, 2003

Vying for Control, Insurers Contribute $285 K To Davis' Anti-Recall Campaign

Aug 11, 2003

Recall Election Could Spur Universal Health Care Reform Debate

May 14, 2003

Consumer Group Announces New Website Geared to Developing Consensus on Universal Health Care

May 07, 2003

Health Net's Profit Soar As Enrollment Declines

May 05, 2003

HMOs Serving Low-Income Populations Report Profit Surge

Apr 24, 2003

Blue Shield's Universal Health Care Plan Means More Pork for Health Insurers

Apr 08, 2003

New Legislation To Require State Approval of Health Care Premiums

Jan 22, 2003

Secretary Tommy Thompson Lets HMOs Off The Hook for Disease Prevention

Jan 14, 2003

GE Workers Strike Over Health Care Costs

Jan 08, 2003

State HMOs Increase Consumer Premiums Up to 10-Times the Actual Cost of Care

Dec 17, 2002

High cost health care

Dec 17, 2002

Health Care Costs Triple for Many Californians

Dec 05, 2002

California Data Shows HMOs Hold $2.2 Billion In Excess Cash Reserves While Premiums Increase 20%

Nov 04, 2002

FBI Investigating Unnecessary Surgeries; Raids Redding Medical Center

Oct 04, 2002

'HMO Light and Tight' Plan Will Restrict Access to Care

Sep 04, 2002

Kaiser Permanente Agrees to Contribute $1M to Provide Treatment for the Bennett Children; Decision Moments Before FTCR Press Conf.

Dec 17, 2001

Majority of Employers Surveyed Support Universal Health Care, Discontented; Blame HMOs & Insurance Companies Most for Problems in Current System

Oct 22, 2001 Calls For Employer Views On Health Care